From an iPhone to an Android Phone

The easiest way to copy contacts from an iPhone to an Android phone is by doing the following:

First, copy your contacts from your old phone to the cloud/web.

  1. Download the iOS app from App Store to your old iPhone.
  2. Log in to the iOS app using a Connect account. If you don’t have a Connect account then press “Sign up” and follow the steps to create a Connect account.
  3. Press “Sync now”
  4. Your contacts are copied to the cloud/web when the app reaches 100%

When you have copied your contacts to the cloud/web, then it’s time to copy the contacts to your new phone.

  1. Download the Android app from Google Play to your new phone.
  2. Log in to the Android app using the same Connect account you used to copy your contacts to the cloud/web.
  3. Press ”Sync now”.
  4. Your contacts are copied your new phone when the app reaches 100%.
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